Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wait

Sitting in a holding pattern on the Warcraft front for the last few days.  Why?  It's not as if i have a horde of max level toons with nothing to do.  It's not as if I don't have fascinating things to blog about in my Warcraft life.  It's not as if I've even completed a third of what the game has to offer and am dying for new content.  So, why do I find myself sitting in anticipation of December 7th release date?  Hell, it's not even as if I'll be taking advantage of any of the new content even if I didn't buy the game right away! 

Perhaps I'm a bit burnt out on the freedom I've had this past week.  Sure, I don't have heat or cable tv or a bed right now... but there isn't anything I can do about those things.  I've been able to do whatever I felt like doing instead of following orders and feeling stressed.  All in all, I feel GREAT!  While at work, I can usually sit and think about what I want to do in the game when I get home; but by the time I get there, I've forgotten most of it and I sit and stare at my character roster blankly, waiting for inspiration.  Should I run Gulgagrimnah and keep trying for World Explorer?  Should I continue leveling my Warlock?  Or perhaps my warrior tank, get that experience in BC dungeons I've been looking for?  Or resurrect my Shaman and get my herbalism up to speed?  Or even fire up that rogue I made just to save a name?  Am I that bored with the game?  Or do I need to take a break?

I'm going to take a one day Hiatus from games and my home in general tonight, and figure things out by Friday.  Tomorrow I've got a TON to do, hopefully I'll be so tired from all of that playing a game for awhile will be a nice change.

I'll leave today with the best advice I've heard about the upcoming expansion.  A friend of mine is currently completing Northrend quests and not turning them in, so when the experience cap is raised, he can just run and turn in quests for exp!  I'd be awesome if he managed to pull a full level out of it, 25 quests alll in, what do you think?

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