Sunday, November 7, 2010


Had a good weekend in the WoW world, was able to get at least one level on all 3 alts!  It was nice to be able to focus on the game for a change instead of having a bunch of worries. 

Today I wanted to focus on Blacksmithing.  BS is, in my oppinion the ultimate money pit.  I have not made nearly ANY of my investment back on items I've crafted.  Veteran gold makers will tell me "Well, you have to get into the epic crafts and Eternium Belt Buckles to make money!", well, that's crap.  With Tailoring, I've made tons of money on just Silk Cloth conversions, then later on Netherweave Bags.  I haven't made a single Spell Thread which is where the real money is supposed to be, but I've been able to make dough hand over fist.  Plus with Enchanting on the same toon, when I am crafting just to get a level, I can instantly turn it into Enchanting mats for leveling or sale!  I'm also making cash with Alchemy, selling Swiftness potions and Lesser Invisibility, and I'm not even up to 250 skill yet!  So, why can't I make any money in Blacksmithing?

One of the things BS does make that sells is Enchanting Rods.  But, this is an item that Enchanters only need ONE of, which means I can't just mass produce for profits sake.  Many times the rods actually sell for LESS than material cost, which I don't understand.  Why would I sell a Gold Rod for 4g, when 1 Gold Bar costs 8?  The only thing my BS has managed to score money on is smelting ore to bars, but you know what?  That's not Blacksmithing, its Mining!  And, the worst money-sink of all, was going for weaponsmith specialization; all the weapons I can craft are BoP!  What good is that?  Why have a big range of weapons to make if only my one toon can use them?

All the bitching aside, I enjoy levelling Blacksmithing.  It's nice to see all of the different gear I can make, and it'll be fun to see the high end stuff that comes out of it.  My goal now is to make a pair of the Shatterer for my Shaman.  Very cool weapon, very good damage and a great side ability that I'm going to get into BG's with and see how I do.  I just bought the 5 Citrines require for one, at 13g each, 4 Cores of earth were 1g each, and i've got 23 of the 24 Mithril Bars, which sell for 3g each.  Still need to check up on Jade and Rugged Leather, but it looks as if I'm going to be running around 200g for one of these bad boys.  But, it'll be a cool couple of beaters!  I may try to auction the first one, but for it to be worth the trouble, I'd need to clear at least 400g for it...

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