Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mad Cash

Very much enjoying our new broken world.  The quest chains are TONS of fun, from piloting giant tree-trimming machines to starting bar fights on a cruise ship, they really did a good job to make leveling more fun and less grindy.  Haven't really found anything that has changed that I DON'T like, its all good.  Now I have to wait another 5 days until the expansion is released, and then it can start all over! 

Probably the toughest part of the new zones, is I don't know where to go next!  I had gotten so used to "... ok, Barrnes is all tapped out, now I'm headed to Thousand Needles.  Ok, done here, now its on to Stranglethorn.  Ok, now on to Tanaris, now to Un Goro, now to Plaguelands and then on to Outland!"  Well, Thousand Needles is a higher level zone now, and one of the areas that has totally changed.  My rookie Druid at level 11 is in Ashzara which used to be like a level 45 zone i think... and I haven't spent any time at all on the other continent other than Undercity which hasn't changed.  Now, its almost as if I have to READ the quests in order to know where to go next.  Oh Darn, what a tragedy! 

Currently, while there is still a lot of traffic, the AH has dropped off dramatically... I'm selling potions with zero competition, and bolts of silk the same.  Profits on these items are up 50-100%!  Also, I got a tip from Cold to buy up Arcane Crystals and make up some Arcanite and Arcanite rods for sale.  There were MASSES of Arcane crystals for under 1g, so initially I bought 10, then bought some Thorium ore for 50s each, and made up 10 Arcanite Bars... which sold for 14g each in just a few hours!  that's something like 700% profit!  I went back and cleaned out the Arcane Crystals, bought up some more Thorium and sent some to my Blacksmith to make a few Rods... which I sold 2 of 3 for 70g each.  Rods are something you really can't sell in bulk which is why I only made a few.  The profit margin is much higher, but you gotta diversify.  It appears as if people online now are in Gather mode and just selling for what they can get in order to have their skills maxed out for when the xpac hits... but I still managed to clear a cool 80g for my rookie, who is Miner/Herber and just selling. 

Notes for the week:  Need to get Transmutation specialist.  Also would like to level an Engineer soon, don't have a spot available.  Thinking about dropping Herbing on my Alchemist and leveling Engineering, and just buying up the Herbs i need to continue leveling Alchemy, but that would be a serious drain.