Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Whelpling

Made the Shatterer, haven't had a chance to put it on AH to see if it sells for a lot.  Spent about $175 on it, found Jade for 4-5g each and had some leather and grinding stones.  If i can sell it for at least $500 I'll be a happy dude!  Though anything I've read says it only sells for about 20, which is surprising because if it only sells for that much, why would anyone even KNOW that?  Because its friggin' hard to craft in the first place!  There are over 40 pieces to this thing, if you managed to get each one for 1g, it would still cost twice that, why would you sell it for less?  This seems to me to be a really great item, especially in terms of PVP, but I also haven't heard anyone talking about it.  Perhaps because its a low dollar item?  The gold blogs I read typically deal in high dollar things, ie; rare world drops, Crusader Orbs, glyphs and JC that sort of thing that sells for top dollar.  Which brings me to the Whelpling.

A friend of mine stumbled onto a Whelpling pet in the Badlands while leveling.  He knew it to be a super rare drop, so he threw it in the AH... for 4000g.  And sold it, same day.  And spent the rest of the day in the badlands, killing dragonlings trying to score another.  That's about twice the amount of the total bankroll I've ever had at one time!  I've been hovering around 1.5k for a long time (pre-robbery) and that was with small time makings, trying to get into high end crafting.  Perhaps I need to change my business model?  I just don't have the time/dedication to camp the AH, search through a 'snatch' list constantly... but maybe I should start?  I usually do sign in and spend about an hour just AH-ing, looking for good deals on craftables, but I haven't made a big score like that, like EVER.  I thought I was doing good selling Libram of Tenacity for $300, and Thorbia's Gauntlets for $150.

Really, while I may send Gulg down to the badlands for some farm time, I think I need to keep with my original business model, and make bags and stockpile silk and runecloth for Winter's grasp.  This will be the first time I've really planned for something like that, so I intend to document it fully.

Silk - Buyout at 2g or less per stack
Borean Leather - Buyout at 12g or less per stack
Haven't checked Runecloth market, need to do so
Need to spend an hour or so farming Small Eggs from in front of Silvermoon

With about 200 bolts of silk in stock, I imagine i've got about 80g or so invested in the silk market.  I've got 5 Mammoth mining sacks and 1 Traveller's Trapper pack, which cost about $35g to make, I'm hoping to turn them into about 500g profit come Cata time.  I'm going to continue to diversify, i've got 10 Netherweave bags, about 200 Copper ore, 100 iron ore, 80 or so Bronze bar, all of which purchased for less than 50s a peice.  The only thing I'm still doing business in right now is Potions, but the herb market has jumped sky-high lately, i'm assuming because of the Glyph cost increase.  Just a matter of time and using my play time wisely...

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