I've seen on other blogs people who have listed out their characters, and I always find it to be an interesting read to see how people percieve their characters and what goals they may set.

Gulgagrimnah was my very first toon, I chose a Hunter because I figured it would be an easy class to run.  The name is from Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, and one shot TV show on Comedy Central I was watching at the time. Hadn't done any game research, just looked at the stats of the races and classes and Troll Hunter seemed to be a great combo with the extra crit chance for bows.  In retrospect, the game was a lot more fun experiencing serendipity like that... making a random choice and seeing what good came out of it.  In the same sense, its why I chose Skinning and Leatherworking as his professions, so he gets additional crit chance from skinning and can make his own gear/armor kits. 

I've enjoyed playing him, but I needed something new in the game as hunters are really a soloing class and that's about it.  Very little about them is team oriented outside of a Man and his Gorilla, which ultimately suits my play style, but is a bit of a detriment to group play and end game scenarios.  I've played him up to level 80 and have a respectable 4100+ Gearscore.  (I know that's not much for end game raids, but I could do Naxx or Ulduar provided anyone actually did those anymore.)  Really the only way to get a better score than that is to simply grind Heroics until I have the Emblems (or Justice points, now) to buy new stuff, but that's not how I like to play.  I'd much rather go fight and kill bad guys and use THEIR stuff!  And, there is very little you can get out of Heroics past ilevel 213, so I've changed his focus to getting Heirlooms for my other toons.

My favorite time with Gulga was during my very first Heroic dungeon.  I had been playing for about 10 months, not a seriously dedicated gamer maybe 10-12 hours a week, and had been hassling and joking with my guild for a spot on a random heroic.  I finally hit 80 and asked the guild master Eni to take me along and her and her husband took me to Utgardt Pinnacle.  I had actually never been here before on normal so it was a fun experience stomping through it.  We had a crappy Bear Tank leading the way, and Eni (Guild Master) was using her very well geared Marksmanship Hunter.  We were having some difficulty, possibly because 2 of our group vastly out geared the tank, so we started misdirecting to the tank to help out.  We finally made our way up to Skadi the Ruthless, which is a decent battle what with the spears you have to throw back at him.  After a little while, the tank died, and then the healer.  I'm backing off while my Devilsaur is still taking him on, and he finally whacks my pet and comes for me.  I do what any decent hunter would do, and play dead.  I'm the weakest member of the group, and I knew i wouldn't have a chance straight up against him.

He turns from me and goes after Traeger, who falls and then Eni is kiting him away.  He's down to about 1/3 health at this point.  After he gets a bit past me, I jump up, Heart of the Phoenix my pet and go back to dropping bombs on him.  Eni finally drops and calls out a wipe. Devilsaur is in and smacking him down to nearly no health at all when my pet finally drops again.  I'm dropping traps and back peddling like a crazy person as Skadi stalks towards me.  He is about 3 steps from caving in my skull when Kill Shot procs... and I finish him off! 

Gulgs' job now is mainly Leatherworking, making bags and converting Borean into Heavy Borean.  His goal in life is to be a World Traveller, so far he's only completed Northrend, but is working on the Alliance zones in Kalimdor.  Far from retired, but now that my current alt's has all the XP gaining heirlooms they can hold, he mostly just wanders around.  Also, it was mandatory for him to achieve Brewmaster, as he is the guildleader for Fat and Drunk!