Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Things

Hi, I'm Nikodhemus, and I've been playing around with different blogs from time to time, trying to test a few things out.  I enjoy writing and I enjoy Warcrafting and I enjoy making money on the AH.  I read several different Warcraft blogs fairly regularly and am a regular poster on some of them (especially since I can do alot of this at work now!). 

I have a very small guild called Fat and Drunk and this blog will be tied closely to that with updates for guild members and just other goofy shit i think of.  The philosphy of Fat and Drunk is older folks who like drinking beer and having fun while playing a video game.  Currently my roster is 4 accounts of close friends and my step son, and we will be expanding once Cataclysm gets rolling.  I have another blog that I put some entertaining things on, still Warcraft related, you can check it out too.

I'm a moderate player, maybe 2 hours a day 5 days a week, more if I can help it.  Currently my favorite class is Prot Warrior when I'm feeling like playing serious and Enhance Shammy when I feel like relaxing.  I have 1 (one) level 80 toon after 15 months of playing, a hunter.  However, since I was recently hacked, my two highest level guys stripped naked and my bank alt and guild bank emptied of cash and items, i don't play him much other than to utilize his Leatherworking skills for profit.  It's been 12 days since I reported it, got a ticket number, and have since been totally ignored by Blizzard (but i'm not BITTER!!!)

The one blog I read daily is the Greedy Goblin ... This friggin' guy is a trip!  If you haven't read him, check through his posts for excellent AH tips, and then check out his philosphies on life that tie into Warcraft.  There are others I read less avidly, and only because they are attached to his site; Noisy Rogue, Larissa's corner, Troll Racials, Cold's Gold, lots of good stuff, i've posted a few times on all of them. 

Most of the stuff I read about in these blogs is gold making and the economy.  The big thing lately is what's been called Glyphmas... the time when everyone knew glyphs were being changed and there would be a big obvious surge in people buying up the new glyphs.  Reading most reports, I've seen many people that cleared anywhere from 10K to over 100K in about 2 days... yet now are stuck with a lot of overstock.  As I had just been robbed, I had ZERO liquidity and ZERO stocks in which to even attempt to take part (aside from the fact that I don't have an inscriber or jewelcrafter).  Depending on your economic standpoint, you could count the vast amount of overstock glyphs as a loss in income, as many are now selling for material cost or less.  Curious to see how things play out in glyphs, will people pull out completely?  Will items like Glyph of Bloody Healing still sell for 50g+ until all Fury warriors get one?

For myself, my moneymakers are still in simple items; Cloth and Leather.  I've been turning silk cloth into bolts of silk cloth forMONTHS, and getting 500% profit.  Stack of SilkCloth = 1g or less.  Bolt of Silk Cloth = 4 Silk.  4 Stacks of Silk cloth = 4g = 1 Stack of Bolts of Silk.  Bolt of Silk cloth sell for 1g each or more!  Turning 4g into 20g on a regular basis!  Heavy Borean Leather sells for around 8g each, while Borean Leather sells for 15g a stack.  6 Leathers make 1 Heavy, so 15g turns into 24g at a quick pace as well.

The key I've found in WoW and in live banking is best summed up by the Wu Tang Clan... "You got to diversify yo bonds, nigga"  If I had 1000g, it would take a long time for me to buy up that much silk, turn it into bolts, and sell it... the market would be totally flooded, my stocks would sit for days and days before selling; which exemplifies the point with the glyph market.  People over spent how much they might be able to off load, and EVERYONE was aware of this change.  ie; market over stimulated, profits dried up within 24 hours...

Ah well, that is my two cents for the day, expect more later this week!


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