Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make that money

Did not play at all last night, got personal stuff going on, but I did just get a great tip today:  Halloween wands and the Masquerade achievement.  People want zapped, and they want zapped NOW.  So, oblige them.  For cash, of course!  5, 10, 25 gold, whatever you can get, its virtually free money.  And, the best part, I've still got a Pirate wand from LAST Halloween! 

I did not prepare for Halloween, but I'm definately going to prepare for Christmas achievments this year with both my Tailor and my Leatherworker with Green Winter Clothes, Red Winter Clothes, and Winter Boots.  I may just purchase outright the Red Winter Clothes recipe just to have it, then get to cranking them out.  Also, I'm going to spend some time over near Silverymoon to scoop up a stock pile of Small Eggs... I'm not a mega player in the AH, but if i can get, say 2 or 3 stacks of them, I'll be ok.  If I can sell them for 10-20g a piece, I'll be a happy little goblin.  Once I get a good stockpile of cash built back up, I'll resurrect my Warlock/Tailor so I can finish him to 80 (level 69 and stripped butt-naked still).  I may not run my Hunter ever again, but his LW cost so much money, he's got at least that much use left in him

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